What starts as a good time ultimately takes a turn for the worse in OverDoz's new video for "Rich White Friends." Asked to perform at a local fraternity, OverDoz show up on campus and cause quite a stir in the neighborhood before a drunken party goes awry and all hell breaks loose. The video is a clever look at current race relations in the United States and how the power of words and image can change the entire perception of a situation.

"A lot of people are making songs and visuals about today's world problems, but they are all dark and very serious," video director Calmatic told Complex. "OverDoz is a fun and vibrant group so I just wanted to touch on topics we all relate to, but capture the colorful, unique vibe that OverDoz is known for. Ultimately, sometimes we laugh to keep from crying."

Since releasing their mixtape Boom in 2013, OverDoz has been solidifying itself as a West Coast act to keep an eye on. With co-signs from Childish Gambino, Juicy J, Pharrell and Nipsey Hu$$le, the crew has already grabbed the attention of some of hip-hop's biggest stars. Check out the video above.