Following footage of Funkmaster Flex's rant against 2Pac recently hitting the ’Net, hit up the deceased rap legend’s crew the Outlawz to find out their reaction to the Hot 97 DJ’s outspoken comments. While it may have come as a shock to some fans, it didn’t surprise the West Coast trio. In our interview, the Outlawz claimed that FMF is a hypocrite, revealed how they were never allowed on Flex’s show as group and recalled how when Hussein Fatal showed up as Ja Rule’s guest, the radio personality tried to play him out.

Check out our full discussion with E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble and Fatal below. What’s your response to Funkmaster Flex’s recent comments about Pac?

Young Noble: We just released a lil’ response [record] to him yesterday, a lil' light jab to him. I just think he should know better. ’Pac is restin’ in peace, it’s just very disrespectful, for him to be who he his, at the height of who he is, being one of the top dudes on radio in NY. You’re supposed to have more respect for the music Pac brought to the game. I know [The Notorious] B.I.G. was his peoples and all that but he’s supposed to be over that by now. For him to still be on stage like, "I don’t fuck with 2pac" is like just way way uncalled for. So we gave him a light jab.

E.D.I. Mean: I just feel like somebody his age should just know better than that. I would expect that more from someone younger than him, he’s supposed to be an elder statesmen in this hip-hop game. His words hold a lot of power and they affect a lot of people and ’Pac had a lot of people that love him. You got to be very careful when you be disrespectful towards anybody that’s not here to defend themselves. I could see if ’Pac was still alive walking around to be able to call Hot 97 and [say] how he feels about it. But he’s not even here. I think we just— and everybody, hip-hop as a whole kinda expected more from Funkmaster Flex. This dude been in the game for like 30 years now and that’s like real immature. So we had to make our statement on it. And that was really light, that was just some body work right there. Flex shoulda just been more responsible.

Have you ever met him in person?

E.D.I. Mean: I met Flex in person one time. When I first met dude it was a cold experience. It was obvious he ain’t have no love for me or none of the people I was with.

What year was that?

E.D.I. Mean: Like 2007

Hussein Fatal: I remember I went to Hot 97. I went up there with Ja Rule and all them. [But] First of all for that response, who cares about what Flex says. He’s a fucking mut, his drivin’ shit was weak, he look like a fat midget with lil' titties, nobody cares about him. Nobody cares about what he says. I’m sure he got kids out there. ’Pac has a mother out there, ’Pac got family. He hurtin’ a lot of people out there. Nor did you lose anybody through that whole thing.

[But] yeah, I wounded up meetin’ the nigga up there at Hot 97 and just like E.D.I. said it was clear that he didn’t have any love. Like Irv [Gotti] had to basically beg him to let me up there and freestyle, talking like he kinda leaned on B.I.G. pretty heavy there. He never wanted to let that shit go. Then when he did finally let me spit up there he winded up playing me out, throwing on some motherfuckin’ "Who Shot Ya" beat, but I took it on the chin ’cause it was nothin’. But I don’t like the nigga anyway. Who cares what he says.

He went on the air last night an issued an explanation for his statements. He basically said, and I’m paraphrasing, No disrespect to ’Pac, but me, personally, I don’t like him.

E.D.I. Mean: He don’t gotta like ’Pac, but he definitely gotta be respectful to ’Pac’s memory and the family and fans that ’Pac still has to this day. Everybody aint gotta like everybody.

Hussein Fatal: But you’re gonna have to respect somebody or fear somebody. Either or. That’s how that goes down.

Young Noble: I heard his reply. He was saying about the negative energy and all that. That was just a real hypocritical thing to say. He supports anything negative anybody does nowadays. Whoever the hot dude in NY is and they got new diss records or whatever, they go out and [support] it and he be lovin’ it….that’s very hypocritical. That’s the kind of shit, I’m not surprised we done been to NY plenty of times, and I remember at least two or three times that we was in NY our people was reaching out trying to get us on Hot 97 and now I’m realizing why we probably never been up there. We never been on Hot 97 before and I’m realizing now, damn, that’s probably why.

But didn’t Fatal go on?

Young Noble: He was with Rule up there, I’m talking about some Outlawz shit…[Now] with that whole beef shit, we was ridin’ with 'Pac, that’s our big homie, but Big rests in peace man, we would never disrespect B.I.G. period. You got respect that man 'Pac’s mind, Biggie’s mind… we been let that go, a long long time ago. You gotta grow up, Come on man.

E.D.I. Mean: I wanted to make a comment on the fact that he said he didn’t like 'Pac 'cause he said 'Pac had negative energy, it’s hypocritical but what he was saying on stage that night that was stirring up more of that negative energy so I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish by doing that. I really feel like he was just playin to the crowd…because you can’t say you don’t like his negative energy when that’s all you doing is stirring it back up.— Jesse Gissen