The documentary The Art of Organized Noize detailed the influence the production group had on the burgeoning Atlanta hip-hop scene and sound and has yielded Organized Noize a number of achievements, including the key to Atlanta. Perhaps equally as noteworthy and cool, the producers of Jeopardy! used a clue on their Monday show (April 18) that draws from the documentary and the vibrant scene that Organized Noize was a part of.

The answer provided by host Alex Trebek for $1,000 in the single Jeopardy round read, "A studio used by acts like Outkast & Future, 'The Dungeon' in this southern city started in a suburban basement." The answer is of course Atlanta, which contestant David correctly guesses. The inclusion was then picked up by Big Boi (above) and Organized Noize (below), with a shared excitement.

The Art of Organized Noize began streaming on Netflix on March 22, and includes interviews with friends and family who knew Rico, Ray and Sleepy from the very beginning. “It smelled like dirt and weed smoke,” Rico’s mother said when describing the basement that would become known as the legendary “Dungeon." Acts like Goodie Mob and Outkast got their start in that very basement at 1907 Lakewood Terrace, what would become ther first recording studio, an overnight sanctuary and the place where songs like OutKast’s “Players Ball” were crafted.

Watch a clip of the Jeopardy! question and answer below and, if you haven't already, catch The Art of Organized Noize on Netflix now.

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