Omen takes fans back to the Revenge of the Dreamers II compilation to provide some visuals for his song "48 Laws." The video is nothing too elaborate as Omen takes to the streets at night while spitting rhymes over the jazzy production. That's not a bad decision since the Chicago MC delivers some impressive bars.

"Hot rod, ride by, slow down the block/Shots fired, drive-by, Lord will it stop/Cowards on the news think that cowardice is gritty/Bullets whizzing by me every time I’m in the city/Kill me, rob me, take my gems and jewels/And paint my schools with Jesus Christ as white/Then lock my father up for life/Institutionalize my rights, then hide my plight from sight/That’s trickery/Steal our swag, that’s mimicry/I am original man, empirically/Chi-City heart, I’m just being honest/Born poet, nigga fuck a song here’s a sonnet," Omen raps.

Omen is currently at work on his sophomore album. The Dreamville artist spoke to XXL last year and talked about how his next LP will differ from his previous work.

"I think with Elephant Eyes and even the project before that called Afraid of Heights, they were both really personal and I feel like it told so much of myself and my story that now I want to touch on other things, other people’s stories," Omen said. "It’s more than diving deeper into my own. It’s not so strictly about me. I think I want to tell stories about things I care about, things my friends care about, more social issues. So that’s giving me more of an opportunity for a new sound."

Omen has not released a new project since 2015, so hopefully he will drop one this year.

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