While the world awaits the release of Meek Mill, Dream Chasers, the label that Meek put on the map, is gearing up to release another project strictly for the streets. However, since Meek is out of the picture, for the time being, it's up to his blood cousin and fellow Philly spitter Omelly to represent for the crew.

Omelly, who has been by the side of Meek since his rise into stardom, is ready to show the world his talent on the mic by bringing his rawness to hip-hop enthusiasts. His current record, "DC Stamp," has been well-received by fans of street music, which has already created anticipation for his upcoming debut project, Gunz & Butta.

Omelly looks to fill in the void left behind by Meek Mill, but at the same time establish himself as a well respected rapper that stays true to his roots. We caught up with the Philly Flammer to find out about his upcoming mixtape, his music style, Lil Snupe and the current status of Meek Mill.—Roger Krastz 

XXL: You recently dropped a banger with the street anthem “DC Stamp.” What was the concept behind that record and how long did it take you to make the track?
Omelly: “DC Stamp” is basically about my life, what I've been through. I never wrote a rap ever, I just freestyle everything, so on “DC Stamp” I freestyled the whole thing. I was just keeping it real and talking about my everyday life. When I put the visual out, I just let them walk with me, show them my stomping grounds of South Philly and North Philly.

The visual really brings out the song and the rawness of Philly.
I just wanted to keep it real. I'm just starting this rap shit, but at the same time I'm just giving them where I come from. I know I can do a video in LA or Miami with the nice palm tress and nice girls, but I'm just giving them what it is -- raw, straight from where I'm from.

The streets are anticipating your mixtape Gunz & Butta. When can we expect that to drop?
You know since Meek had his situation he had to push his date back, so I'm just gonna go ahead and go for that Sept. 9 date and step up for the team. Keep that date buzzing, so that's what I'm choosing for right now.

Who are some of the features on Gunz & Butta?
I got Jadakiss, French Montana and I have a couple of more names set to appear on the project. I don't really want to say too much on the features. I do things a little different. I ain't gonna keep calling nobody's phone for a feature. I'm just gonna keep doing everything like I've been doing it - like the streets. So if somebody wants to do something they going to do it, and I ain't following nobody because they rap or none of that, but I have a couple of hitters that are supposed to be on the project.

Is there anybody in particular that you like to work with on this project that you haven’t been able to get on the mixtape?
I pretty much know everybody in the game and they really know me when they see me. I got familiar face and I always keep it real, so people got respect for me in the game. I would love to work with a lot of niggas, but they know me on a different type of time, but I can see that happening soon. That's why I'm gonna show my grind first and then let everything fall into place. I'm just not gonna come out with my hand out. This is my first time around, so I'm just going to do what I have to do.

What do you want this project to represent?
The streets. DC. That's what I want it to represent. My team.

Is there a video on the way for that French Montana-assisted track you dropped earlier this year?
Yeah there is. Me and French gotta link up. Once we do, it's going down. We talk all the time on the phone. I fuck with French. He’s not just a rapper that I'm cool with. I fucks with him. Real shit.

You had a close relationship with Lil Snupe. R.I.P. to him. Tell me how close he was to you and the DC team?
He was like a little brother to the family. The damage that happened when we took that loss was major. It wasn't like he was just an artist, he was family. We really felt where he was coming from. We had real conversations. Late night talks that would get real deep. We really bonded.

Is there a Lil Snupe posthumous album dropping anytime soon?
I'm going to keep it real, I don't really know too much about that, but anything that's going on with Snupe and that makes sense, I'm going to definitely support it. I'm gonna treat it just like if he was here. That boy was serious, and he has a lot of stuff that people haven't heard, so if it were to come out that would be great.

The world is anticipating the release of Meek Mill. Tell me about the impact you think he will make when he gets out?
It's going to be major because right now while he's sitting in the cell there's deals being cracked open. Million dollar conversations and all that. Multi-million, and I'm not just saying this -- I'm dead serious. Everything that seem bad ain't always that bad. We took a little loss with him being gone from these streets, but at the end of the day when he bounce back it's just going to make us stronger as a team.

How is Meek holding up?
Oh man, that's nothing. That's light work he doing that time doing push-ups. [It] ain't no stress.

What's the best advice you’ve received from Meek?
Just stay on your job. Whatever you see you can get. Everything is possible.

I know the whole team is nice on the dirt bikes. Who’s the best at doing tricks and who’s the best when it comes to a race?
Meek got me on the tricks. I'm good when it comes to distance. We going to be beefing over this [Laughs] my whole team is nice. It's an everyday thing for us. We do the studio all night and then ride bikes during the day and then back to the studio. And we do the same thing everyday.