The Philadelphia rap wars continue. On Tuesday (Oct. 11), Dreamchaser Omelly used his Instagram account to throw massive shade at Beanie Sigel, who recently debuted another diss track for Meek Mill. You can see what the Philly thoroughbred had to say about Beans up top.

In the post, Omelly lets everyone know that he doesn't appreciate Beans' recent behavior, using a slew of insults to get his point across. "AYEEEEEE @beaniesigelsp THE GAME AINT ONLY CALL YOU YOU JUST THE ONLY 1 that was bitching acting like we strangers if it's fuck us it's fuck you nigga stop frauding acting like you wrote niggas raps you on some nutt shit & I'll tell you this to ya face I don't even care about that philly talk nigga you lost respect as a man in my books," Omelly says in one part of his post. He continues, "YOU LET BITCH ASS @losangelesconfidential TREAT YOU LIKE THE SUCKA YOU'RE IM NOT WIT THIS SHIT EITHER YOU MAKE OUR CITY LOOK BAD IN EVERY WAY YOU DONT ADD TO THE CITY IN NO TYPE OF WAY YOU A BIG TIME HATER YOU HAD THE BALL U DROPPED IT NOW YOU WANNA HATE ON THURL YOUNG NIGGAS YOU LIKE 52yrs Old Outta pocket & YOU GOT PICKS #OMELLY AKA #OSAMATWINLIMMAS 💂🏽 #THECHASERS #OWNBREED #RIPLILSNUPE."

Omelly's strike against Beanie comes one day after Beans said he ghostwrote part of Meek and Omelly's Game diss track during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Beans also dropped his third diss track directed at Meek, and as you probably could've guessed, he came right at the MMG Rapper's street credibility. On the song, which is titled "Gang Gang,' Beans raps, “SP, that’s me/Fake gangsta? Test me/Certified ass real nigga/Bonafide ass trill nigga/I’m two’d up, stay hammered down, I drill niggas/Banana clip in that AK/Your lil monkey ass’ll get pilled, nigga.” You can read more about Beans' latest diss track here.

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