This week, rumors circulated that Cardi B had broken up with Migos rapper Offset after he allegedly charged her $250,000 for his verse on their joint record, "Lick." While the female MC has already shut down the rumors as false, the Internet still had a field day with the fake news, including Hot 97's Ebro Darden.

The radio host reposted the headline to Instagram, captioning the photo with his thoughts on the rumor, which involved clowning Offset.

"Wait!!...This is not true! Funny on so many levels tho! An Offset verse is $250K??" Ebro wrote in the caption.

Once Offset got word of Ebro's commentary, he replied in the comments section, sending some shots to the personality for not believing a verse of his is worth $250,000. The Migos member even brought up the fact that the two will probably be crossing paths this Sunday at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert, which Migos is headlining.

"Ima b at Summer jam too ima see if the same joke funny when I see u sucker stop trying my craft nigga like u tryna say I'm trash or sum I'll beat yo old ass," Offset wrote. "U a sucker Ebro on my mama," he continued.

Ebro responded on IG, saying, "Stop being so sensitive! You already rich.. Love you nigga.. See you Sunday!"

This could definitely shake things up backstage at the concert this weekend, but with the lengthy roster of artists that are already on the lineup, they may not even end up in the same room. We'll have to see this Sunday.

See Offset's shots at Ebro below as well as the Hot 97 personality's response.

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