Noname is fed up. The Chicago rapper appears to have recently had an epiphany and is now threatening to fall back from rap.

On Thursday night (Nov. 28), she revealed something was up when she posted a photo of a woman in clown makeup along with the caption, "Me consistently creating content that is primarily consumed by a white audience who would rather shit on me than challenge their liberalism because some how liking Lizzos music absolves them of racist tendencies."

On Friday (Nov. 29), she continued her diatribe. In a since-deleted tweet that featured a  photo of actor Morgan Freeman with clown makeup, she noted, "My black fans in my mentions talkin bout 'what your mean primarily white? We support the fuck outta u' clearly proving they never been to a show."

She continued, "Y’all really pushing the idea that black people can’t come to my shows because of black death and financial restraint ??? As if Dababy, Megan and Smino shows ain’t black as hell? Say you don’t like my shit and move around lol."

When a fan suggested her Black supporters might not be the type to attend shows, Noname was understanding. Still, it appears her mind is made up.

"That's real," she responded. "Unfortunately, I'm not going to keep performing for predominately white crowds. I have two shows on the books then after that I'm chilling on making music. If y'all don't wanna leave the crib I feel it. I don't want to dance on a stage for white people."

She also mentioned finding something to do outside of music and, "choosing a new career path that is more fulfilling."

noname via Twitter
noname via Twitter

On Saturday morning (Nov. 30), she continued to open up on her thought process on the topic. "White fragility doing backflips but to all the POC folks and white folks sending me love I see yall Ttyl," she posted in a since-deleted tweet.

"Whats funny is most black artist are just as uncomfortable performing for majority white crowds but would never publicly say that out of fear and allegiance to 💰 Which isnt a bad thing necessarily cause niggas gotta eat but yall wouldnt be up and arms if I quit workn @ McDonalds," she added. "When I go to work, thousands of white people scream the word nigga at me. and no I’m not changing my art so it is what it is. catch me @nonamebooks."

Noname has never been married to the game. Back in 2016, she hinted that her debut mixtape Telefone might be her first and last project after it was released to critical acclaim. She put out her debut album, Room 25, in 2018. She was expected to return with the Factory Baby LP in 2020. That might not be the case, now.

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