Noname set the rap Twitter world ablaze when she dropped her stunning Telefone mixtape  this past July. Unfortunately for fans everywhere, the critically acclaimed project might very well be her last. The ultra-talented MC said as much in a Facebook post this past Sunday, when she wrote that Telephone could be her first and last mixtape.

Noname has yet to explain her Facebook post, but we're pretty sure no explanation will be deemed good enough for her fans. The 25-year-old Chicago-bred MC has been appearing on songs with Chance The Rapper on-and-off for years now, and dazzled fans with her skills at each stop. Telefone, which took at the rapper three years to create, is the realization of her considerable talent. If the mixtape is, indeed, her last one, fans and critics will no doubt be talking about her unfulfilled potential for years to come. We just hope her post leaves open the possibility of her making an actual album in the future.

Of course, if Noname chose not to create another project, we're sure it wouldn't be the end of her world, since she probably wouldn't choose to define herself by her career as a rapper. In a recent interview with The Fader, she explained that she was more than a musician, and that her name -- Noname -- reflects her unwillingness to remain within the confines of musical genres or careers. "I try to exist without binding myself to labels. I’m not really into labels at all, even the way I dress; I usually don’t wear anything with a name brand," Noname told The Fader. "For me, not having a name expands my creativity. I’m able to do anything. Noname could potentially be a nurse, Noname could be a screenwriter. I’m not limited to any one category of art or other existence, on a more existential level."

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