Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated album, Let the Dead Bury the Dead, No Malice, the righteous former half of Clipse, details his thought process during the making of the LP and how his faith continues to inspire his rhymes.

Over a game of pool, No Malice discusses what to expect from his new project with Those in Flavor. "From this album, I just feel like it's definitely something that the game hasn't had. I feel like what I am going to give you is a fresh ear," he shares. "I been totally detached from what's been going on in the hip-hop community as far as content and who's who...when you listen to my music it's gonna come from a totally different frequency."

The frequency No Malice speaks of is his commitment to Christianity and spreading the word of God through his music. While his new album is a departure content-wise from his Clipse days—last Sunday (Aug. 20) marked the 15th anniversary of Clipse's legendary commercial debut album, Lord Willin'No Malice isn't slowing down when it comes to delivering his special brand of raw and realistic bars. On Let the Dead Bury the Dead, he rides solo, but his pen is still as sharp as it was as when he rode shotgun with his brother Pusha T and the Neptunes.

Earlier this month, No Malice released the video for the song, "So Woke," a track off Let the Dead Bury the Dead. “The video is to depict the world’s social ills and humanity’s longing for a cure," he told XXL. "Whether pastor or president, man ain’t gon’ fix this one!”

Watch No Malice open up about his new album below.

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