NLE Choppa had a close call while performing at a show recently. The Memphis native fell down and almost tumbled off the stage while rocking the mic due to a medical boot he was wearing. And it was all captured on video—feet up in the air and all.

On Saturday (Aug. 31), Choppa jumped on his Instagram page and shared a video of his unfortunate mishap. In the clip, the young rapper, who was wearing a medical boot after injuring his foot in a four-wheel motorbike accident, was performing “Shotta Flow 3” when he turned his back to the crowd, took two steps back and fell. He tumbled so hard he almost greeted fans in the front row. Choppa quickly hopped up and continued to rap his abrasive lyrics from the song without hesitation.

"When You Step Bacc Up And Shoot Yo Thunder Then They Start Shooting Bacc," Choppa jokingly wrote in the Instagram caption, adding, "Mane Fucc This Big Ass Boot. GET SHOTTA FLOW 3 TO 30 MILLION LINK IN MY BIO."

NLE Choppa is slowly making a name for himself in Memphis rap scene. In an interview with XXL's The Break, the 16-year-old artist promises to stay humble despite his growing popularity with the fans.

"I work hard and I'm humble. I just go anywhere by myself," he said. "I don't even realize how big I am. I went to the mall just by myself. [I] told my dad, just stay out there, I'm finna go get something really fast. I'm walking, taking hella pictures. They like, 'Man, why you in the mall like that?' [I'm] like, why not?"

Watch NLE Choppa fall down while performing onstage below and find out why he's wearing a medical boot as well.

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