Nipsey Hussle has made Monday's bearable with his weekly drop series and came through yesterday (June 27) with a double release, premiering the video for his track "Status Symbol 2" with Buddy and letting another new song loose in the form of "Full Time" featuring Mitchy Slick.

In the video for "Status Symbol 2," which first dropped at the tail end of May, Nipsey and his cohorts are pouring up and parking lot pimpin', posted in front of a Maybach with plenty of cash in hand. The video's YouTube page teases that Nipsey's much awaited Victory Lap album is coming soon, with the recent string of drops a solid indication that Nips is sharpening his skills.

Continuing with those Marathon Monday releases, Nipsey taps Mitchy Slick for yet another new track. Listen to "Full Time" which was produced by Mike & Keys and Tariq Beats with additional credits going to Frank Dukes below. On the track, Nipsey raps, "We built to last, don’t break or bend / Nobody put us here but still we made it in / Me and my lady friend in my Mercedes Benz / We live the type of life you couldn’t make pretend."

Nipsey's new releases are beginning to stack high so it wouldn't at all be a surprise if a mixtape proceeded the album. And while that is speculative, Nipsey's insane work ethic is proven fact. Check his latest up top and just below.

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