On Monday night (Aug. 28), Nipsey Hussle found himself in a jail cell after the LAPD found his car parked in a handicap spot. Once police found the rapper, they arrested him for outstanding arrest warrants. TMZ reported the news on Tuesday (Aug. 29).

According to the site, police found Nipsey on Monday night at 9 p.m., and after running his plates, they found existing warrants for previous traffic violations. They locked him up, but he made bail on Tuesday morning.

For his part, Nipsey didn't seem to be stressing his time in jail. A short time later, he uploaded a video of himself in the studio, brushing off the arrest and getting back to the music.

"I just bailed out on some bullshit traffic warrants, what ya'll doing at five in the morning?" says the former XXL Freshman in the video. "I'm back in the lab, nigga. Ya'll can't take my vibe right now. Ya'll can't take my inspiration—at all. It's not gon' happen."

Nipsey's not letting his brief jail visit dim his spirits, and why should he? Two months ago, the rapper unveiled his new shop, The Marathon Store in Los Angeles. When you add that new endeavor in combination with his success in the industry, he's got a lot to be happy for.

Check out what Nipsey has to say about the arrest in the video below.

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