Nipsey Hussle and DJ Khaled are working hard to change the communities around them, and now they're part of a major investment bid to purchase a historic Los Angeles hotel.

The two rap stars have joined a syndicate bid to obtain the leasehold for the Viceroy Santa Monica, which is being led by developer and investor David Gross and real estate icon R. Donahue Peebles. Real estate firm Bracket VC, investment firm D3N9 and NBA star Luol Deng are also joining in on the syndicate bid.

If the deal goes through for the leasehold, the individuals will be the first minority led group to own a high-end hotel in the coveted Santa Monica area. It will also be among the most notable collective of names to show interest in the property.

The Viceroy Santa Monica is a 162-room luxury beach hotel that has been shopped around the real estate market since August 2017.

This is far from the first time that Nipsey and Khaled have used their fame, platform and fortunes to invest in communities. While Hussle has invested in cryptocurrency in the past, Khaled has received the key to his home city of Miami for all of his work within the local neighborhoods.

We'll have to see if the bid goes through, but it's clear that Nipsey Hussle and DJ Khaled are all about making more history.

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