Ahead of the release of his Victory Lap album, Nipsey Hussle shares his latest single, "Dedication," featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Produced by Rance, Mike & Keys and MyGuyMars, "Dedication" finds the two West Coast rappers discussing all of the sacrifices they had to make to get to where they are now. "Used to be stay safe, now it's stay dangerous/'Cause ain't no point in playin' defense nigga/That's why I dove off the deep end nigga, without a life jacket," Nipsey spits.

K. Dot keeps the energy going, detailing how he's made a career out of being different. "Spent my whole life thinkin' out the box," he raps. "Boxin' homies three on one, got DP'ed but I ain't drop."

Nipsey also spoke to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 about the song and revealed the meaning behind it. "[Kendrick's] talking about me, Snoop Dogg, Top Dawg, and himself, we really had a conversation about just L.A. street shit and about how the time might be right for us right now to use our influence to evolve how we exist," Nipsey told Lowe. "He speaks about that in his verse."

The rapper also discussed his upcoming debut studio album, which is set to release on Friday (Feb. 16). "I felt like I've wanted my debut album to be called Victory Lap based on what happened on my first approach to the game," he said. "I wanted to use that truth and when I did go back to a major label official album debut, I wanted to represent the completion of me coming out of a bad situation, taking things into my own hands and just figuring it out."

Listen to "Dedication" below.

All Money In No Money / Atlantic
All Money In No Money / Atlantic

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