Nipsey Hussle's death has taken a toll on everyone in his inner circle from his girlfriend Lauren London to his own bodyguard.

On Tuesday (April 2), the slain rapper's bodyguard J. Roc posted photos of him working alongside Nipsey Hussle through the years on his Instagram timeline following Nipsey's untimely death. In his caption, J. Roc admits that he's leaving the security profession altogether.

"I got the Babies and L forever I’m done with all this Shit I retire from being a bodyguard I love you HUSSLE THA GREAT," J. Roc wrote in his extensive caption.

Unfortunately, J. Roc was not with Hussle on the day he was murdered. According to TMZ, Nipsey was at his clothing store, The Marathon, on Sunday because he wanted to hook up his friend, who'd just came home from prison after 20-year sentence, with some new clothes before his friend met up with their family and friends later that day. Nipsey apparently didn't inform his team or primary security that he was going to the store beforehand.

"Never in a million years I thought I would be writing some shit like this ... we haven’t made a 100 Million yet ... we was suppose to grow old and I call u big nose shoot jokes on you all day," J. Roc wrote in another part of his caption. "[But] instead I’m here in tears writing this I wish I was there I would switch places with you any day the world need you here I’m so confused , lost , hurt I lost a brother , best friend, a mentor all I can here you saying now is If it was me, I would tell you, "Nigga, live your life and grow."

Read J. Roc's full statement on Nipsey Hussle below.

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