After finally releasing his long-awaited new album, Victory Lap, on Friday (Feb. 16), this is supposed to be Nipsey Hussle's shining moment. The stage was set, with the LP coming out the same weekend as 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend taking place in Los Angeles. But for the second time this weekend, the Crenshaw rapper has run into issues, as his album release party ended in gunfire, leaving one person hit.

Nipsey's party went down Saturday night (Feb. 17) at World of Wheels, a roller skating rink in Venice, Calif. According to TMZ, shots rang out in the parking lot around 11:30 p.m. One person was struck in the thigh. Police arrived on the scene, accompanied by a helicopter, but by that time, the shooter had left and the person who was shot reportedly did not want to cooperate with the police investigation. Nipsey was nowhere near the shooting, and it is unclear if he was even at the venue when the shots popped off.

Nipsey had a slight set back on Friday (Feb. 16), after police towed his promotional van for being parked in a handicap spot. The rapper was pissed about the situation, but ended up turning lemons into lemonade and launching a gold-chain giveaway for those willing to find the tow yard the vehicle was moved to and take a picture with it.

Check out video footage from the aftermath of the shooting at Nipsey Hussle's album release party below.

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