A lot of people can sound professional and polished after hours spent mixing and mastering, but it's much tougher to get away with hiding behind any filters or auto-tune in a live performance. Therein lies the beauty with NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series. For their latest episode, they invited Nick Grant and a five-piece band to perform three songs off of his last album Return of the Cooland you can watch the clip below.

Although he was in prime "flu-game Jordan" shape with tea in hand, Nick Grant deftly raps his way through the three-song set backed by Washington D.C. band Black Alley. For the first song, "Return of the Cool," singer B. Hess was unable to make the performance but Nick was confident it was still done justice. For "Drug Love Couture," Nick takes a moment to explain the backstory on the track, saying that it speaks to the moment that he realized he was more fascinated with the material gains of a drug dealer way more than the actual lifestyle. Then for "Luxury Vintage Rap," he relates that it was a firm statement from him that despite claiming to bring "cool" back, he still needed to make it clear that he can come into the rap game swinging with his bars.

At the end of it all, he facetiously asks the audience, "Any questions?"

Nick Grant recently also showed his lyrical prowess on The LA Leakers freestyle and the Tim Westwood Crib Session.

You can watch Nick Grant's Tiny Desk Concert below.

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