Bobby Sessions wants the criminal investigation into the shooting death of his late cousin James Harper reopened after he says evidence of a cover-up has been found.

"My cousin James Harper was shot 3 times by Dallas Police Officer Brian Rowden," the Def Jam artist wrote in an Aug. 30 tweet that included images of Harper's body. "A major cover-up of the 2012 shooting has been discovered. We are calling on the District Attorney's office to reopen the criminal investigation of Brian Rowden for the unlawful killing of James Harper."

@bobbysessions via Twitter

The photos Sessions' posted show Harper's lifeless body and Rowden himself, who shot and killed Harper seven years ago. The events directly preceding the shooting began when Dallas police received an anonymous 911 call about an armed kidnapping at Dixon Circle in South Dallas on July 14, 2012. Police arrived at the home where the alleged kidnapping had taken place. The tip was later determined to have been a hoax.

Harper was inside the house at the time but he fled out of the backdoor on foot when he saw police arrive. Harper's mother said she believes her son thought someone was breaking into the home and didn't know it was police that had arrived on the premises.

Rowden chased after Harper, and after they hopped over several fences and Harper struggled with the officer several times, Rowden said he thought Harper was reaching for a gun when he shot him. However, Harper was not armed at the time of the shooting.

According to a report Texas outlet WFAA published on Thursday (Aug. 29), Rowden was found "not liable" for Harper's death after a federal civil jury decided that Brian Rowden did not use excessive force when he shot Harper.

Speaking with XXL for The Break last year, Sessions said the death of his cousin made an impact on how he approaches life and his music.

"It's a reminder that you don't have any time to waste," Sessions said at the time. "You have to do whatever your heart desires. Since that happened to him, I know that can happen to me or anybody else that looks like me. It's a reminder that I have a responsibility to speak about that issue."

Sessions, who dropped his debut EP Rvltn (Chapter 1): The Divided States of Amerikkka last year, plans to hold a press conference about the evidence he says he's found next Wednesday at the Frank Crowley Courthouse at 7 p.m.

XXL has reached out to the Dallas Police Department for comment.

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