Nas has come a long way from his snuffing Jesus days. Older and wiser, the Queens rap legend has become somewhat of a beacon of social awareness. Esco recently sat down with Andre Harrell for Revolt, where he discussed the current climate of racism in America, and offered some solutions as to how we can all put aside our differences and unite.

Nas has been more active on the political scene, and noted his observations over the last few years. "When Barack got in office, things just happened. Things just triggered off," said Nas, inferring racists couldn't deal with the fact that a Black man was running the country, and wanted to lash out. "The racists can't handle it. They going too far. It's like we need a healing to come, and reeducate people on how to deal with each other in the world," he added.

In related news, Nas recently reflected on putting together the political statement-making track "Black Republican" with Jay Z. “For ‘Black Republican,’ I’m like ‘Yo, yo, that’s Godfather 2!’ Nobody raps over that, you know what I’m sayin’? And if they do, they’ll use the theme song of Godfather,” Nas said. “The music comes from the part when the godfather becomes, you know, his first introduction into the underworld. That track wasn’t the obvious.”

He continued, “I knew when I played it for Jay, nothing was gon’ happen except us getting in the booth,” he added. “Jay was like ‘We gon’ let it breathe for a minute. We’re not even gon’ dive into the rhymes, we’re just gon’ – the verses gotta wait.”

Watch Esco and Andre Harrell's sit down, above.

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