Cardi B came out swinging in the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York but now that cooler heads prevail she's seeing the error of her ways. Swift is upset at Cardi for initiating a physical altercation with his girlfriend Asia. When Cardi accuses him of telling Asia things she doesn't agree with and smacks him, he becomse enraged and walks out, leaving their working relationship in jeopardy.

Snoop links up with the fellas to blow off some steam after her conversation with J. Adrienne. Rich Dollaz is surprised after hearing about DJ Self's decision to take on Mariah Lynn as an artist due to his history with her, but says that Self will have to learn about playing with fire on his own. He also shares his daughter's issue with his new girlfriend Jade, as well as the fact that he's been avoiding Jade as of late to delay the inevitable conversation they will have about his daughter and her comments.

Juju, rapper Cam'ron's girlfriend, makes her first appearance on this season of Love & Hip Hop: New York, and meets up with Kimbella to catch up on things. J. Adrienne joins the two. J. Adrienne shares her recent troubles with Snoop and Sofi Green, and also discloses the fact that Sofi will be working with Juelz Santana, an arrangement that instantly rubs Kimbella the wrong way, spelling possible trouble for Juelz down the line.

Cardi B sits down with her sister Hennessy and shares the details of her fight with Asia. While Cardi shows no contrition for attacking Asia, she regrets her words with Swift and says she wants to continue working with him and feels like she should apologize, making a possible reconciliation between the two possible.

Drewski and Sky discuss their spat over Bianca, but the conversation doesn't go as planned. Sky says that she's upset that Drewski didn't diffuse the situation sooner than he did, but he uses the fact that he was working as the DJ and that they were on business during the incident. Sky is overreacting to his working relationship with Bianca according to Drewski.

Cam'ron makes his big debut on Love & Hip Hop: New York and celebrates the occasion by having dinner with Juju. Having been Cam's main squeeze for nearly a decade, JuJu is ready to settle down with Cam and have children together. Although Cam agrees, he says that he and JuJu will have to go about it in a stress-free manner, meaning that the Dipset family could be expanding sooner than later.

Drewski slides by the studio to catch up with Bianca, who's in the booth recording her portion of "Make It Official," the song that Sky fought to have her replaced on in the first place. When asked to apologize for her actions at the launch party and mentioning their private business to Sky, Bianca refuses and says that Drewski and Sky were the cause of the situation. But while Drewski remains steadfast that his flirtation with Bianca is part of conducting business, their sexual attraction to one another continues to bubble beneath the surface, with no telling where things will lead next.

DJ Self's event for Gwinnin Entertainment has arrived, and Rich Dollaz shows up to support him in his endeavor. Mariah Lynn is also in attendance and has decided to sign up with Gwinnin Entertainment, but also invites Sky along to make things right between the two following the botched record she attempted to put her on to spite Bianca and Drewski. The two agree that they're still open to being friends and that there's no ill-will between the two moving forward.

However, DJ Self's other female artist he's been courting, Major Galore, is also on the bill, much to the disdain of Mariah Lynn, who was unaware that she was not going be the sole female artist on Gwinnin Entertainment. When the two artists meet up, Major Galore senses the tension between Mariah Lynn and DJ Self and notes that since she's a singer and that Mariah is a rapper, that the two should have no reason to be in conflict.

But Mariah apparently disagrees, leading her to rip up the contract she was set to sign and storm away, all but ending any chance of her and DJ Self working together. Before exiting the premises, Mariah also confronts Rich Dollaz and begins to discredit him, a move which doesn't appear to affect Rich, who says he's secure in his accomplishments and writes off Mariah Lynn's tirade as her attempting to prove a point.

Cardi B attempts to make amends with Swift and apologizes for her actions, and says that she's sorry. She wants Swift back on tour with her, but he decides he needs a little more time to think things over.

Kimbella has been bothered by J. Adrienne's tidbit about Sofi Green working with Juelz and confronts him about the situation. But Kimbella quickly becomes emotional when remembering the past troubles between her and Juelz. He reassures her that he's around for the long haul and that she'll have to become prepared for the onslaught of attention and obligations he'll have while making his comeback and stepping back into the spotlight.

After failing to get in touch with Rich Dollaz, Jade decided to stop by his restaurant to get to the bottom of her issue with his daughter and her disparaging remarks. Jade instantly unloads on Rich and voices her displeasure to him, but becomes even more angered when he refuses to apologize or beg for her forgiveness. This leaves what looked like a promising relationship hanging in the balance. Stay tuned for the drama and emotional roller coast next week.

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