Last week, Drewski was having major problems with the opposite sex and now both Cardi B and J. Adrienne face off against their respective enemies of the female persuasion in this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

First off, Kim spent a few days in the hospital after suffering a heart attack, but the ordeal has caused Judy to reassess how the women are handling their inner turmoil with each other. Judy meets with Yandy to inform her of what went down and Kim's sudden heart attack, which Yandy was completely unaware of. With Lil Mendeecees' graduation coming up, Judy suggests that her and Yandy join Samantha, Erica and Kim to celebrate the occasion, a suggestion that makes Yandy a bit uneasy, but she ultimately agrees to.

Rich Dollaz's last attempt to bring his daughter into his home didn't go over so well, but he appears determined to spend more time with Ashley, as is evident by his request to have her stay with him again this summer. His baby's mother, Miracle, obliges, but not without laying down a set of rules. Things get a little awkward when Rich Dollaz reveals that he is seeing another woman named Jade, who lives in Los Angeles. After learning that she is 24 and far younger than Rich, Ashley and Miracle become equally skeptical of Rich's decision to date another young woman, which puts Rich between a rock and a hard place.

Cardi B has been unaware of Swift's girlfriend, but his secret comes to light when Asia sends texts to Swift's phone speaking on Cardi in a negative light while she's using it. When Cardi questions him about the whereabouts of this person, Swift reveals that it's his girlfriend Asia and explains that she's jealous of his close working relationship with Cardi. Swift also mentions that Asia will be coming to New York to visit soon, leading Cardi to get upset and inform Swift that Asia will have a major problem if she runs into her due to her disrespectful comments. She even goes as far as to threaten to take Swift from her, setting up what looks to be an inevitable showdown between the three.

DJ Self is looking to expand his Gwinnin Entertainment brand and thinks that Mariah Lynn is the perfect artist to take his career, as well as hers, to the next level. But after Mariah's fiasco involving Drewski, Sky and Bianca last week, she remains skeptical of DJ Self's offer, but he refuses to take no for an answer and sweetens up the pot by showering Mariah Lynn with a shopping spree on his dime.

Snoop meets with Sofi Green to explain the situation that went down with her and J. Adrienne and says that she wants to step back as a manager, but says that Juelz Santana will be replacing her as the guide of her career. But Sofi Green remains adamant that she prefers Snoop be involved in her career, a request which Snoop reluctantly agrees to, even if J. Adrienne will be unhappy about the arrangement.

Yandy and Judy meet with Samantha and the other baby mothers at Lil Mendeecees' graduation, but Samantha is adamant about feeling disrespected and that Yandy is attempting to take her place as Lil Mendeecees' mother. Erica speaks out about her own issues with Yandy, particularly her implying that Erica and Mendeecees' child was a "break baby" and that she feels that Yandy disrespected their relationship. But Yandy explains that she never made that statement and that she was only going by what Mendeecees told her and that Erica was never valued by Mendeecees in the capacity in which she believed.

Asia arrives in New York City and is very concerned with Swift's relationship with Cardi B, but Swift remains adamant that nothing has happened between the two. He purposely leaves out the fact that the two have kissed and that he's flirted with her in the past. Swift reassures his girl that nothing will happen between him and Cardi.

Sofi Green has already scored an audition due to Snoop's assistance, but J. Adrienne is still suspicious of their relationship. She decides to pay Snoop a visit to see for herself and becomes angered when she finds out the part Snoop played in Sofi's audition. Upon arrival, J. Adrienne immediately goes on the offensive, although Sofi attempts to be polite and explains that her relationship with Snoop is strictly professional. However, it's clear that J. Adrienne doesn't have any plans to keep the peace, and the two almost get into an altercation and have to be separated by security, a clear sign that J. Adrienne's pop-up was not a good idea.

Rich Dollaz invites his girlfriend Jade to meet Ashley, and the meeting between the two doesn't go too well. Ashley is instantly turned off by the fact that she has to share time with her father. She makes it known through her line of questioning and responses that she's not feeling Jade. Despite the antics, Jade remains polite. While Rich Dollaz tries to smooth over the situation, the damage is done, and it's clear that Ashley is not at all pleased with her father's decision to introduce the two so quickly.

J. Adrienne confronts Snoop about her run-in with Sofi Green. She's angry Snoop told her a half-truth. Although Snoop says that she was only helping a friend and that her loyalty lies with J Adrienne, the latter doesn't believe her and lets her doubts be known. However, when Snoop professes her love and affection, J. Adrienne is not ready to forgive, implementing an arbitrary 30-day probation, which Snoop balks at, leading her to walk out on J. Adrienne and putting the future of their relationship in a state of uncertainty.

Cardi B holds her first performance in New York City, with Swift serves as the DJ for the night. But little do they know that Asia has decided to extend her stay in New York City. She's surprising Swift at his hotel room for a night of romance. When Swift and Cardi walk into his hotel room so he can play her some music, Asia comes face to face with Cardi for the first time. Cardi stays true to her word and attacks Asia with no hesitation, as Swift looks on helplessly. Will Asia be able to make it back to London in one piece? Check back in the next recap of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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