LeBron James received Spots Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year Award Monday night (Dec. 12) in Brooklyn, with Jay Z presenting him with the honor. The two praised one another, LeBron saying he's long admired Jay and his work, but another rapper was in attendance as well, as Kendrick Lamar performed his untitled unmastered. cut "Levitate."

Back in February, before the collection of loosies and cutting room bits was assembled, it was James who urged Kendrick to turn them into a release, writing to Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith on Twitter. "Yo @dangerookipawaa after that @kendricklamar Grammy performance , you have to release those untitled tracks asap!!! What's up? Talk to me." And when James was forming a reaction to Donald Trump winning the presidency, he used Kendrick's words, writing on Instagram, "As I woke up today looking and searching for answers on what has happened this song hit it right on the head! If we continue the faith(as hard as it may be to do so) we will BE ALRIGHT!!"

It should come as no surprise, then, to see Bron rapping along with Kendrick above, using some lively rap hands as the rest of the crowd watches on stoically. LeBron himself has done some levitation in the past, soaring up to block Andre Iguodala's lay-up in the 2016 NBA Finals, thus lifting his Cleveland Cavaliers into a championship team. That feat no doubt helped earn James the S.I. honor, making him the second athlete to receive it multiple times, joining Tiger Woods. Watch him rocking in the above clip.

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