Jeremih's tour experience with PartyNextDoor has been marred by strange occurrences. Most recently, the Chicago singer did not perform at a show in San Antonio, Texas after claiming pepper spray was released onto the crowd at the last show in Dallas.

As previously reported, Jeremih went slam off on stage Friday (Dec. 2), calling out PND and his posse. “All my fans I love y’all. PartyNextDoor and his crew are some bitch ass niggas,” he told the crowd. “Now scream for PartyNextDoor now,” he added. “Tell them to play them fake ass buttons they been pressing every night. Tell him to take the crowd out the motherfucking songs he got y’all singing. He ain’t even singing y’all songs. That shit weak as hell.”

He continued, “Now y’all know why I’m doing what I’m doing. This nigga been trying to stop me since this tour started. He can’t stop me.”

According to reports, the "Oui" singer was pissed because PND's security pepper sprayed part of the crowd. Jeremih recently doubled down on that assertion, taking to Twitter to explain. "Pepper spray was put in the atmosphere last night on stage while I was performing in Dallas," he posted.

Despite the issues, Jeremih was set to perform last night (Dec. 3) in San Antonio. But he was pulled from the set list.

It's clear that there are some issues going on behind the scenes between the once cool singers.

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