Birdman is nothing if not confident, so it shouldn't be that surprising that he believes he can make a Cash Money reunion tour a really big deal--even without it's biggest act, Lil Wayne. According to the folks at TMZ, Baby plans to launch the tour in February, and the bill will include himself, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Turk, some younger Cash Money artists.

TMZ's sources also report that Birdman has been planning the tour all year, and that he believes it can actually be more successful than Diddy's Badboy Reunion tour. Those are some pretty bold words, but there is a good chance the tour could be a success. Although Birdman's relationship with Weezy appears hopelessly strained, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile are two rap game legends who no doubt had a ton of fans in their time.

Cash Money fans will remember Juve classics like "HA," "Slow Motion" and of course, "Back That Azz Up." Big Tymers' fans have probably been dying to see Mannie and Birdman perform "Still Fly" at least one more time. The potential tour has some things going for it, but you'd have to think things would go more smoothly if Birdman could resolve his financial dispute with Drizzy's mentor.

Birdman has yet to make an announcement about the tour, but if it is indeed happening, there's at least a decent chance nostalgia will win the day and plenty of fans will be interested in seeing what the show is all about.

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