Bill Murray has built a career on being comedically unpredictable, and the native Chicagoan surprised Lupe Fiasco and his fans when he showed up to a show Wednesday night (Nov. 30) at The Belmont in Austin, Texas. According to concertgoers and even Lupe himself, Murray demanded not one, but two encores, with the rapper forced to oblige.

"When @BillMurray comes to your show in Austin, TX and proceeds to FORCE an encore!" Lupe wrote on Twitter afterward, adding, "(Gave me some amazing words of encouragement )" At one point towards the end of his set, Lupe jokingly told the audience, "Now go home and take Bill Murray with you."

Murray has been linked to hip-hop acts in the past, telling Jimmy Kimmel in March of 2015 about a song he recorded with Rick Ross. He was as well linked to the Wu-Tang Clan album purchased by Martin Shkreli when a false report came out that Murray could join members of the Wu in stealing the album back. Afterward, a play imagining such a scenario was written.

Murray is no doubt a legend in multiple fields, his random appearances and demands furthering his own mythology.

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