Ab-Soul and Bas recently teamed up for a new track called "Braille." The two revisit their collaboration for a music video, which sees the rappers hitting up various locales in Paris. The PANAMÆRA visuals are striking, but the MCs' respective bars truly command your attention.

"Soulo Ho the prophet/I'm a fiend like Bassy/Money like I’m Saudi, agua from the islands/We went from Pintos to Benzos/Plain and simple, let’s race a little/The bar needs to be raised a little/I led the way, but never raised the pencil," Ab-Soul raps on the opening verse.

The "Dub Sac" rapper passes things over to Bas, who impresses with his guest spot. The Dreamville artist really shines over the WondaGurl production.

"Bassy on a mission/Stacking dough like it's a photo moment/Haters hate us only for the moment/Cause your bitch wanna take a photo, homie/Soulo rolling, got an onion on us/Where my city dolo like Vanilla Sky/Smoking like we bout to cross the border/Got a couple shows up on the other side," Bas raps.

The release of this music video might be a hint that Ab-Soul's album is almost done. Top Dawg CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith recently called out Soulo for the DWTW LP's delay, and it seemed like it lit a fire under the talented MC. Just a few days later, Ab-Soul told Tiffith that he was hitting the studio to put the finishing touches on the highly anticipated project.

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