Last weekend, XXL teamed up with Tech N9ne and Strange Music for an #AskTechAnything campaign in light of the fifth installment in his collabo series, Strangeulation. The rules were simple: Fans tweeted their questions to us and we handpicked the ones that were intriguing. After scanning through hundreds of submissions (Tech’s fanbase is insanely huge), we narrowed it down to 21 questions. Here, Tech answers questions about his Independent Grind Tour, his favorite lines off the album, his favorite movie, signing Murs to Strange Music and a lot more. Click through to see what he had to say, and be sure to cop Strangeulation on iTunes now.Eric Diep

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Tech N9ne: Because other Strange artists have to do their own tours to get their fans as well. You know what I mean? We gonna do that forever. But it’s like we are always striving to get more people on this. So you strategically pick those that might bring another crowd in. Strange Music artists like Kutt Calhoun, Ces Cru, Stevie Stone, Brotha Lynch Hung, all of them. They are doing their own tours when they aren’t on tour with me. That’s a positive thing.

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Tech N9ne: My favorite X-Man? I think it would be Professor [X] because he can do everything with his mind. He can tap into your shit and I’m into that neural, like I told you. I wanted to be a psychiatrist. We got the God complex; if everybody could think like me, it would be a better world. But then, with man, it sometimes becomes corrupt. I feel like with the power of the mind, it influences other minds. Deepak Chopra said we’re all intertwined. I can say things that influenced you. You trust me. Professor X, man, without the brain, he can’t walk! But with the brain, he can control everybody and tap into everybody. I think that would be the best one for me.

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Tech N9ne: Is there a genre I am afraid to put out for the fans? I do music man. I take challenges. When dubstep came out, I loved it. I did "Technicians" with a little dubstep feel. Krizz Kaliko touched on it a little bit more with “Spaz.” You know what I mean? I fuse rap-pack music with hip-hop. “Welcome To The Midwest.” “It doesn’t really matter where you go, where you been.” We’ve done R&B and hip-hop like a lot of people do. We’ve did rock and hip-hop like Run-DMC did with “Rock Box” and what the Beastie Boys do. We’ve done country. We’ve done Miami bass with “Areola.” I don’t know what genre out there that I would be afraid to do. If I am afraid to do it, that’s not my cup of tea. It ain’t much that’s not my cup of tea.

“I Am Not A Saint” is like blues. Old negro spiritual with hip-hop. Live bass. We fuse everything. I’ve done a hiaku on my last album. “The sick pedophile, touching beautiful kiddies / Really gonna die.” 5-7-5. There’s not too much we haven’t done. With the fusion of music, we are still looking. I want to go to Africa. I want to go to India. When we go to South Dakota’s and all that kind of stuff, the native [shouts loudly.] I want to do all that man. I want to fuse all that. I love it. Sounds like Natural Born Killers. The movie, Oliver Stone. [shouts loudly.] I think that’s so wonderful sounding. Maybe I am partially Chucktown native, but I love that sound. [shouts loudly.] I love it. We try to do a lot. We try to fuse a lot of genres.

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Tech N9ne: My favorite movie is Halloween II. The new one isn’t bad too—I am talking about John Carpenter. I love Rob Zombie's as well, but John Carpenter’s Halloween II. I think it’s spooky. There’s music. The synthesizer he used around that time, it's just perfect. The hospital vibe. The maestro being in the hospital, running from this nigga. Him using scalpels and shit to try and cut her. Everything in that movie, man. It just felt spooky. It’s perfect. It’s like right there with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Dennis Hopper. I think that’s the best one. It came out when I was 14. On my 14th birthday, I went to the dollar show to see that shit. Yeah, Halloween II, John Carpenter. I love it. The music. Everything.

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Tech N9ne: Yeah, man, I learned it in Denmark. They taught me how to say it at Rosklide Festival. ‘Sut Mig!’ You know what I am saying? I love it. That was like a shoutout to Denmark. ‘Cause that’s another one of our big markets, so I did that for them.

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Tech N9ne: Best rapper in the game? Man, Eminem is a complete MC to me. He’s a complete MC, man. Not everybody lets you in; I’m one of the ones that lets you in. Personal life and everything. There’s no personal stuff about him because he’s the most lyric flipping motherfucker in the world like he is. But he has substance as well. I really like that. I really like people that can let people in. I told that to Slaughterhouse when they first got their deal. Everybody knows y’all master rappers. It’s cool that you have that on there. But let people in. That’s how you gain fans. That’s something that never goes away. That’s why Eminem is just humongous, because he has talent. He has rhythm. He has substance and he has flow like no other. There’s other fucking murderous MCs out of there. Don’t get me wrong. Joell is a murderer. Crooked I is a murderer. Twista is a murderer. Same as Busta. Eminem is at the top of his game when it comes to patterns, when it comes to wordplay. When it comes to substance. That’s some hella competition boy. Friendly competition, but hella. Oooh, shit!

That’s what I go buy! I gotta go buy the hardest niggas to push myself harder. I obviously see what Eminem and Dre and them be doing because I want my shit to measure up to that. I feel like that’s my lane. I feel like that’s where I should be doing music at that level. Eventually, I’ma be doing music with them niggas. Straight up. Even if it's just a collabo, you know what I am saying? ‘Cause I know I am dope enough to do it. I know I got a lot of substance, motherfucker. There’s nobody that sounds like me. I met all the qualifications.

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Tech N9ne: We love Murs. We toured with Murs. He’s a brother. He has lyrics. He qualifies. Anybody who says different, they don’t have lyrics, they lying. He has lyrics. He qualifies. He can tour with us and endure. He qualifies. He’s a visionary. He has Paid Dues. He qualifies. To get out other artists out as well as myself like he’s done over the years. Put me on the same stage Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore and me shining. And giving me that platform. If you ain’t got all those things to other, what you talking about? And he goes really good with ¡Mayday! because he’s an MC. I just named 4-5 things that he has. If you ain’t got all that, what you talking about?

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Tech N9ne: What musician has inspired me the most? I wanted to be Ice Cube when I was younger. ‘“Dopeman, please can I have another hit/The dope man said, ‘Cluck, I don’t give a shit/If your girl kneel down, and suck my dick.” Wow! What? Him and Chuck D, they are the reason for Tech N9ne. I wanna say N.W.A. and Public Enemy are the reasons for Tech N9ne. There are other people in there like BDP and Eric B. But the two that make me want to do it: N.W.A. and Public Enemy. They made Tech N9ne. They made this powerful clusterfuck.

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Tech N9ne: I hope the independent music will be the new mainstream because independent music is pure and it has substance. And it's party, too, so it’ll be a big mixture of everything, everywhere. In five years, I see us being astronomical even more. It’s going to be bigger, man. It’s gonna get bigger. Only think we gotta do is stay alive. That’s hard enough to do.

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Tech N9ne: To be able to name your label Strange Music ‘cause you are a Doors fan. And on down the line, to end up working with them. You’re in the booth. The remaining members are out there looking in at you recording verses like you’re Jim [Morrison] and you are in Jim’s spot. That doesn’t happen. That’s a fairy tale, right? Especially when you are a little black boy from Wayne Minor projects in Kansas City, Missouri. C’mon, man. That don’t happen. It happened. Ray Manzarek was looking at me, man. John Densmore and Robby Krieger, looking at me while I was recording. I was nervous as hell! I’m being me in here. I’m not being Jim, but I am in Jim’s spot. I am sure that they did him the same way. That’s a milestone to build an empire. A piece of music that you fall in love with. You know what? I love Strange Days. People keep saying to me, ‘I’m strange. I’m different. I’ve always been different.’ Ima name my label Strange Music ‘cause I love The Doors. What? Milestone.

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Tech N9ne: Me and Hopsin just talked about it. He was on the way to Australia a couple of weeks ago. I was like, "Hey man..." I told him I was doing his song on tour. I just did a song with him called “Rip Your Heart Out.” He was like, "Alright, that’s so dope, man. I just can’t wait until we do a tour. That’s gonna be crazy." And I’m like, "We gotta plan it." We are both busy. It’s hard to get two bosses at the same place, at the same time. Especially on this Strange Music tour, it’s like 80 dates.

Everybody can’t give up they life like Tech N9ne did. His personal life for music because he loves it so much. End up lonely as hell at the end of the night every night ‘cause he gives everything to music. Everybody can’t do that. My kids are already out of school in college—except one. Rainbow is 15, but she’s on her way. Dante and Aaliyah, they are out of school and everything. Other rappers are just starting having kids and people can’t go on the road like that. Luckily, Krizz Kaliko just had a brand new kid just now. And he’s out here. It’s hard for him. You know?

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Tech N9ne: I’m gonna do tours and music as long as my tongue and my heart and my brain is working and my legs is working. My ankles don’t give out on me. I’m gonna do it as long as I can because I love it. [Sings] Because I love it! And I'ma keep rapping ‘cause I love it! And I'ma keep doing music ‘cause I love it!

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Tech N9ne: If we ever find the band again. You know what I am saying? I did Therapy just to touch it and see if people wanted me to try and do it. And they said, yes. They liked it. One day, hopefully. I liked to be Wayne Minor. That’s gonna be my name in the group. Our names aren’t gonna be the same. Our names are gonna be the projects that we grew up in. You know, Krizz grew up in Linden Hill, so that’s what our name will be. Linden Hill, mine would be Wayne Minor. I would love to become Wayne Minor and do this.

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Tech N9ne: Yes, I would. I’ve been wanting to work with Pastor Troy and Lil Jon for the longest. Now, we should just put three on the song. I’ve always wanted a Lil Jon song and I’ve always said we should do something with Pastor Troy. We both have chin hair and we both loud.

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Tech N9ne: I have one beat that Seven just sent over. And it might be... Nah, I can’t say it. I don’t want to get people excited. It might be the beat that people been waiting on me to do. [Laughs] I’m just going to say that. "Oh, this could be this one!" He sent me one beat already like two weeks ago and I am listening to it like "Whoa!" If we can get the sample cleared, I think it could be the one that people be asking me to do. No, I haven’t started writing on it but I just got one beat. And I’m about to get another one this week. That’s what I usually do. I receive the beats on tour. I come up with the ideas out here and we execute them when we get home.

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Tech N9ne: My dream collab has always been Eminem.

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Tech N9ne: I’m sure we will. He’s a cool brother. I’m sure we will, yes. I can’t say "awaken rebel sound" and not include him. That’s Rebel Sound right there at its finest.

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Tech N9ne: It’s negative man. Music saved my life. If I wasn’t doing music, well, I wouldn’t say the negative thing. I wanted to be a psychiatrist before I rapped. It turns out that I’m my fans' psychiatrist. I got both of my dreams. I fucking got them through suicide. I talked them down, you know what I mean? I was like, "Wow! I’m my fans' psychiatrist." That’s so beautiful ‘cause before I wanted to do any of that. Hip-hop. I wanted to learn the brain. I stole books and stuff. I wanted to learn. That’s why people [were like], "Why do you have all these serial killer books around your house?" I’m studying evil as well as love. I’m trying to see why people do things. I wanted to be that kind of person that practices neural. All that other gangbang stuff I was doing, I usually say that I'd probably be dead or in jail. I’m not saying that anymore. I’m preaching life.

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Tech N9ne: What is my favorite line from Strangeulation? That’s a hard question. My favorite line—damn, dude! What kind of damn question is that? You’re gonna make me scan everything. What do I always say? I think its in “We Are Free” I’ll say, “Companies kill my culture, suckas sit on they sofa/See the soul of a soldier, I'ma go to Zack De La Rocha/And awaken rebel sound...” You know what I am saying? That’s meaningful to me.

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Tech N9ne: My favorite collaboration of all time would probably be Roger Troutman. Rest in peace. When we came to Kansas City and we recorded a song called “Twisted” at Don Juan’s mother’s house. He said he didn’t want to go to the studio, he wanted to do it hardcore. We did that. I always looked up to Roger Troutman and Zap. That’s gotta be the standout. I’ve done songs with 2Pac. I’ve done "The Anthem" with Eminem and RZA. And all those were beautiful. And Kool G Rap was on there. I’ve done Tha Carter IV. Beautiful things I’ve done. Andre 3000. Wow! I’ve done stuff with MC Ren. Yukmouth. Scarface and Ice Cube. Ice Cube made me want to rap and I got songs with X-Clan and Ice Cube together. Wow. I have songs with The Doors. All those are wonderful dreams come true. Serj Tankian. System Of A Down. Wow! Roger Troutman, though, wow.

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Tech N9ne: The most important advice I give to people that want to be independent is that it’s hard. It takes money and if you have the endurance to keep pushing money towards that [which] might not make you money back immediately, then it is for you. You can’t be all the way fragile. [Laughs] You have to have tough skin.

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