Though he’s faced an incredible amount of hurdles in his career, Saigon continues to make moves and churn out music. Today, the Queens MC announced that he has formed a new label, “Squid Inc. Squad”, launched a new website, and is releasing The Greatest Story Never Told 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard this summer.

Saigon revealed the first single off of Greatest Story Never Told 3, “Sinner’s Prayer”, will be released on April 21st and a video featuring Papoose and Omar Epps will drop to accompany the song.

Along with the label, website, album announcement, Sai has also partnered with the global media company, CPXi who specialize in digital media. According to Saigon, the decision was made under the belief that, “In 10 years music will be all digital and 100% tech driven.”-Peter Walsh