40 Glocc has been fighting the odds ever since his beef with Game escalated online. In 2012, a video surfaced of Game serving up a smackdown to 40 Glocc while they were out in Los Angeles. The footage instantly went viral, and both of them told opposing stories of what really happened that day. While Game claimed it was a fair one-on-one confrontation, 40 Glocc said in an interview with VLADTV he was outnumbered and they pulled guns on him. The aftermath ended in the two throwing more jabs at each other on Twitter. Then a year later, 40 Glocc sued Game for $4.5 million over the fight, claiming defamation and pain and suffering, which he has yet to receive payment.

Game and 40 Glocc haven’t crossed paths since the incident. But, earlier this month, their feud took a whole new turn for the intense when they traded shots—luckily not those kind—on the Internet. Allegedly, 40 Glocc resurfaced to taunt Game on Instagram over his domestic violence investigation against his fiancée Tiffney Cambridge. In one of the captions, Glocc wrote, “JUST PUT YO KIDS TO BED @THEDOCUMENTARY NOW IM IN DA GYM FLAMED THE FUK UP AGAIN CUZZ. N TIFF LOVE IT.”

There were more disrespectful comments involving Game’s family that pushed him over the edge. 40 Glocc contended that his Instagram was hacked, but Game was done playing around and posted a picture of a green light on Instagram while tagging 40 Glocc. For those who don’t know: Green gives the go-ahead to put a hit on someone.

Two weeks have gone by and it seems the heat has died down. Still, 40 Glocc firmly believes that it is best he never sees or speaks to his nemesis again. Hip-hop beefs rarely get squashed, but we wanted to see what both sides had to say. Game declined to comment, but we got on the phone with 40 Glocc and allowed him to speak his mind. The former G-Unit affiliate tells us about rebuilding his image under the public eye, his new music, how his Instagram account got hacked by "Internet thugs" and why his hatred for Game runs deeper than rap.Eric Diep