It was just last year that we placed Iggy Azalea in our 2012 XXL Freshman class. The Aussie native was the first female MC to grace the cover on the strength of her track “Pu$$y” and breakthrough mixtape Ignorant Art. Nearly a year later, Iggy has been on the steady climb to the top of the rap game, with some assistance from her mentor T.I. After releasing impressive projects—Glory and TrapGold—she’s set to release her debut album The New Classic in September. She’s had her moments of beef in the past, but now things are going her way.

With her move to Island Def Jam in April, the 23-year-old is never afraid to discuss the buzz surrounding her career. XXL got on the phone with Iggy to speak on her chances of winning Artist To Watch at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, going on tour with Beyoncé and proving herself as a lyricist. Plus, she took the time to explain the concept behind her “Change Your Life” video and breaks down why there won’t be a lot of features on her new album. —Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

I saw that you have a VMA nomination for Artist To Watch.
Yeah, it’s very big. I’m fucking ecstatic about it. [Laughs] Every kid grows up watching the VMAs and it’s the highlight of the year because you get to see all the celebrities and artists you like all in one place. They get the award and you are happy for them, so it’s crazy that I even have a chance that I get to walk up and say something and get a Moonman too. It’s amazing.

You are up against Austin Mahone, The Weeknd and Zedd. What do you think of the competition? Do you think you have a good chance?
I always think I have a chance at anything. Even with the XXL Freshman, I didn’t think I had much of a chance compared to other people, but I made it on there. [Laughs] Anyone has a chance. I’m a strong believer in that. I think people like Austin obviously or the Weeknd, perhaps they have a stronger chance because they have a bigger fan base. But I’m never somebody who thinks, “Aw, I am not going to try 'cause they’ll definitely get it.” I think I have a small chance, but a chance is a chance. Hey, I could win. You never know.

Do you see yourself as the underdog?
Yeah, for sure I do. Definitely. Even with Zedd, Zedd just had a song with fucking Lady Gaga. I don’t have that shit. Fuck. Austin Mahone has four million followers and MTV tweets him a million times a day and say they love his cute smile. And fair enough. I do feel like the underdog. Definitely. I still do think I have a chance.