50-cent.jpgXXLMag.com has confirmed that the release date for 50 Cent’s new LP, Curtis, has been pushed back to September 4. The highly anticipated album, 50’s third, was previously set for a June 26 release. “Yes it's true my album has been pushed back because it wasn't delivered to the plant in order to be distributed and delivered world wide so it has to be pushed back, 50 told XXLMag.com. “June 26th was the last date I could put it out internationally until September. I am disappointed in Interscope for being reactive instead of proactive." In related news Glaceau, the makers of Vitamin Water, has been purchased by the Coca-Cola Corporation for $4.1 billion. One of the more popular flavors of the drink is the 50 Cent branded, grape flavored Formula 50. When 50 partnered with Glaceau to develop the beverage, he also purchased a stake in the company. "Today is 5/25 and it's a beautiful day and I'm displaying my beautiful smile in beautiful way, It's beautiful to be alive on 5/25," 50 said of the sale. “We sold Vitamin Water for $4.1 billion dollars to Coco-Cola! Ha-ha-ha!”