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Yung Berg is gonna be a Negro [Please] League All-Star this season. I can tell.

A little background on The Dumbest Beef Story Ever Told:

As usual, Yung Berg got 227 stoop-reckless in an interview. Berg basically insinuated that his full-length debut was being pushed back like Flo-Rida’s hairline. While Flo-Rida’s hairline is indeed a tad Fishburne, Mr. Low's celly, Brisco decided he should run to his fellow Poe Boy's defense. Greasy talk has been tossed back and forth between both parties since.

Matters finally escalate to second grade lunchtable as Yung Berg has apparently snapped.

All of this could have been avoided if someone from the Poe Boy camp just said “Yung Berg’s album got pushed back because as of today the tracklist consists of ‘Sexy Can I’ 12 times in a row and yet another remix of ‘Sexy Lady.’

Berg totally let a room full of radio stoochie put the battery in his back to talk grime! I watched through my hands as the fetal pitbull decided on the spot that he should let the world know he’s going to beat the shit out of Brisco’s kneecaps and ankles whenever the two next meet. (Nev-uary 31st)

I’ve seen more than my share of niggas get knocked the fuck out trying to impress some sexy ladies… It was nice to know you…

[Blogger’s Note: What’s with the sex tape filter and no sex tape? Is Shaq back on his “highly-inappropriate camera work” game?]

And this is not to say that Brisco is sooooo hardbody that one shouldn’t defend himself. Never that. Quite the contrary, actually. This is to shrug my shoulders and say--“Eh.” I’m not so sure Berg would have beaten Bow Wow had their little bitch fit ever come to windmill slaps. Thus, I can’t endorse Yung Berg as a participant in some good old-fashioned streetcorner fisticuffs with any grown man.

If rappers were going in on each other like that with the knuckle-up, I could imagine Berg would be among the most knockedoutofness niggas in the game.

Don’t ever play with matches.

Negro, please.

No rap beef can actually be this fucking stupid. Berg’s a boss, remember? He’s just playing coy with the media and keeping heat off of the real matter.

Yung Berg and Brisco actually lead separate factions of irrelevant rapsters in a highly-exclusive secret underground fight club. I just got an invitation on Myspace to what appears to be the proverbial shit finally hiting the fan in Houston. On August 8th, under the Ozone Awards, Berg and Brisco are gonna tape ‘em up and go at it while the likes of Hurricane Chris, Boosie, Lil' Scrappy and various other slutmonkeys watch.

You know how it is. Fight Club makes reminds guys like Berg and Brisco that they’re alive.

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P.S.: Berg's also a bitch for believing a nigga's not relevant until he makes it to fuckin 106 & Park when Terrance J is on that shit every night.

Nigga, please.