Nas hits the stage. Last night (Sept. 25), the rap legend stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to chop it up before performing "Adam and Eve," a standout from his Nasir album.

Nas donned some spectacles as the stage shone green and piano keys opened on the introduction of the song, which finds the veteran MC rapping, "The ghetto Othello, the Moor
Oh my God, they speak venomous on the boy/Oh my Lord, my enemy is fear, and I'm sure/Oh my God, they want the end of me 'cause I'm pure."

Stephen Colbert also discusses with Nas the longevity of his career and what the process of creating an album with Kanye West in Wyoming was like. Though Nas admits it was a place he never expected to be, he says it was beautiful. He also told a funny anecdote about running into a moose, which he believed was sick.

"He was like, eating off a branch, and he didn't look that strong," Nas said. "They're huge—but you can tell a sick moose when you see one."

It seems likely, given that Pusha-T also once said that he was chased by a fox while in Wyoming with Nas and Kanye recording his album Daytona. 

Watch videos of Nas performing "Adam and Eve" and chatting with Stephen Colbert below.

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