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For a minute, the hip-hop community was on a mission to prove that Your Old Droog's standout debut Your Old Droog EP was in fact a secret album from Nas. The similarities are undeniable. From beat selection to voice inflection to flow to lyrical content, Droog's style immediately brought Nas to mind and a firestorm started on reddit as users went all out to prove that Your Old Droog was Nas under a new identity. Once the young MC from Brooklyn started to earn pub and showed his face at a sold out show in New York City, most fans finally put the rumors to bed and realized that Droog is a kid from Brooklyn with serious MC skills.

While sitting down with Rob Markman from MTV News, Nas was asked if he had ever heard of Your Old Droog and God's son looked befuddled by the question. "What do you mean a secret Nas album?" said Nas. "I have no idea what you're talking about...No secret EPs, I don't want a secret EP I want you to know it's me when I drop."

Droog may be making waves with his music but it's clear he has a long way to go to get on Nas's radar.

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