Nas' legal team is fighting back in the $10 million lawsuit levied against the rap legend over the kidnapping of a concert promoter in Africa.

According to, Nas' lawyer is looking to have the courts dismiss the costly lawsuit filed by a concert promoter against the Queensbridge MC this past December. According to the suit, New Jersey-based promoter Patrick Allocco and his father were detained and beaten by Angolan authorities after Nas failed to show up for a series of concerts in the country's capital Luanda, resulting in massive financial loss and the eventual foreclosure of Allocco's home.

Now, the Def Jam rapper's attorney Jonathan Davis has filed a motion to have the lawsuit thrown out on the grounds that Nas was not at fault for missing the concert. Davis says that Allocco failed to pay the rapper the $300,000 check for the shows before the agreed upon date time and didn't provide proper travel arrangements that would allow the Illmatic rapper to enter the country.

Davis also says that Allocco signed an agreement that stipulated that he wouldn't sue Nas for the concert mishap if the $300,000 check was returned, which Nas did on January 5, 2012.

XXL will keep you updated as more details in the case come to light.