Update (Oct. 28, 6 p.m.): Here is the episode of Nas on PBS Series Finding Your Roots.

Nas has always been conscious of the history of black men and women in America and often uses it as subject matter in his rhymes. This fall, God's Son will sit down with Harvard University's Henry Louis Gates Jr. on the PBS show Finding Your Roots to trace back his family's lineage. During the history lesson, it is revealed to Nas that one of his ancestors was sold as a slave--a moment that unsurprisingly impacts Nas.

"First I was enraged when I looked at the bill of sale," said a distraught Nas. "I was like, that guy that owned property owes me some cash. My people made him really wealthy, so maybe I should find his family and talk."

Nasty Nas and Gates Jr. have a previous relationship thanks to The Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellowship, which is a part of Harvard's Du Bois Institute. Season two of Finding Your Roots is scheduled to premiere on September 23rd.