Many thought the song between Nas and Frank Ocean would not surface. Now, according to Hit-Boy, “No Such Thing as White Jesus” might be releasing to the public very soon.

In an interview with MTV News, Hit-Boy confirms both artists will revisit “White Jesus” in the near future. Originally, the track was lost when Hit thought he lost the digital files.

"It got mixed up with some drives that Kanye's engineers had, and they finally they sent it back and I got the files now," he said, "Nas' manager reached out, and he's excited. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen with it yet, but that song is gonna be heard by the world one day."

While Hit has given fans little details on what the song will sound like, he did say it will sound very different from anything he has ever done. "It's different from what you're used to from me as for as far as the newer joints, as far as the energy joints," he said. "It's like a real-life song."

Watch the rest of the interview above.

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