Just about three months after turning himself in for rape and kidnapping charges, Mystikal has obtained a lawyer.

According to The Shreveport Times, the 47-year-old Mystikal, born Michael Tyler, appeared in Caddo Parish District Court by himself on Tuesday (Nov. 28) and revealed that New Orleans-based attorney Timothy Yazbeck had agreed to be his lawyer.

Joining Mystikal in court at another part of the day was 27-year-old Averweone Holman, who goes by the name Lil Hood. Along with the rapper, Hood was hit with first-degree rape and kidnapping charges.

The incident that led to these charges allegedly took place at Sam's Town Casino on Oct. 22, 2016. In August, Mystikal and Holman were indicted for the rape and kidnapping charges, with both having their bail set at $3 million.

Tenichia Wafford, a 42-year-old from Texas, also appeared in court on Tuesday, with her appearance being mandated by her alleged attempts to get the accuser of the two men to drop her charges against them. Speaking with TMZ back in August, Wafford claimed the alleged victim was making her story up.

After saying she'd been told by the accuser herself that Mystikal didn't do anything to her, Wafford claimed the woman had concocted a lie in order to save face because she cheated on her boyfriend.

"She trying to protect her boyfriend because she ditched him all night to be with another nigga," says Wafford, who claims she recorded the conversation with the alleged victim. "You know what I'm saying? And now, all of a sudden, somebody hurt her, but when I called her and asked her if somebody hurt her, she said ain't nobody hurt her. So now, all of a sudden, I got a charge because I called her—I called a friend—to ask her, 'Are you okay? Did you hear what's going on?' She said, 'No.' I said, 'Well they said that, know what I'm saying, there's a rape charge going on. 'Where'd you hear that from? I ain't heard nothing.' Okay, so if you ain't hear nothing, then you need to go down there and clear these niggas' name."

Mystikal, who served several years behind bars for sexual battery, will have his next court date on Dec. 18.

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