Murs reimagines a timeless tale in his new video for "Shakespeare on the Low," one of the best cuts from his Captain California album.

The song itself, which features Rexx Life Raj on the hook, finds Murs telling the story of a modern day, hood version of Romeo and Juliet, a timeless play scribed by William Shakespeare. On the track, he raps from the perspective of a Crip-affiliated young man in love with a Blood-affiliated young woman. They're in love, but just as it goes in the play, their ties keep them a part.

"She said she like my dreads/Dark skin, thick, wearin' bright ass red/Red weave, and red shoe laces/She must not know I hang around them blue places/My homies bang the C
But still find trouble, wherever it be," spits the record-breaking MC, introducing the central conflict from the jump.

In the vid, we a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out in what appears to be a California neighborhood. As is the case in the song, they're not supposed to be together—and they don't care. Unfortunately, they ultimately share the same fate as Romeo and Juliet.

Although the subject matter of the song is quite grim, Murs and Rexx are bouncing around to the upbeat instrumental, with Murs even pulling out an air guitar. Pretty interesting stuff.

Check out the visual for "Shakespeare On The Low" just below.

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