Murs examines the struggles of black men in America in the music video for his single “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West).” The video follows three different stories told in Murs’ verses. The veteran MC connects everything together on the hook by using Kanye as a representative of young black men.

“So God bless Kanye West/And every other brother of color that's under stress/They wanna make you feel like you are less/Even though you didn't make it, gotta deal with this mess/Hold your head and always do your best/It's a long race, you gotta pace your steps/And remember that you are blessed/It's because God loves us that he puts us to the test,” Murs raps.

Murs was inspired to create "GBKW" following Kanye's breakdown. The Living Legends member hopes to increase mental health awareness in black community.

"As a people, we need therapy," Murs said. "If black America was one person, it would need a lot of therapy. But in our community, we don't get a lot of help. The people that are surrounding Kanye are not giving him the help required. But people are criticizing him coming out and saying he needs help. Kanye's been through a lot. We're all going through it, and we don't have the mental health services that are necessary in our community."

You can watch the "GBKW" video below. The track will appear on Murs' upcoming album Captain California, which is scheduled to drop on March 10. You can pre-order it now on iTunes.

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