Kanye West has been through a lot over the last several months, and he's also taken a ton of criticism for his claim that he would have voted for Donald Trump.

Still, Yeezy is only human, and maybe people should take his issues seriously instead of making him into a joke. That's the point Murs seems to be making with his new song "GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)," a track dedicated to the beleaguered rap legend.

"We pray for each other and I believe in the power of prayer, but we could really use more mental health professionals in our community instead of mocking Kanye West," Murs said in a press release while discussing his new track. "He's having problems and he's having to work through it. He's like a football player playing hurt, to me."

The track sees Murs glide over delicate piano as he tells the story of black men who've been accosted by gang members and the struggles of everyday life. The hook pays tribute to Yeezy.

"So God bless Kanye West/And every other brother of color that's under stress/They want to make you feel like you are less/Even though you didn't make it gotta deal with this mess," says Murs in the hook for the song.

He continues,"Hold your head and always do your best/It's a long race you got to pace your steps/And remember that you are blessed/It's because God loves us that he puts us to the test."

Murs also took time to announce a brand new album, Captain California, which is set to drop on March 10.  You can listen to "GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)" below.

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