The West Coast is winning once again. Rapper Murs, a native of South Central, Los Angeles, is teaming up with Boost Mobile to kick off the Where You At? L.A. concert series.

Each show will provide fans with a direct line to the hip-hop scene in L.A., giving the local artists a chance to shine. First up is Where You At? L.A. on July 13. Hosted by Murs, the show will feature interviews, freestyles and live performances, but the best part is that the fans get to interact with the artists through Facebook Live or Persicope.

The July 13 show, taking place at L.A. River Studios, will begin streaming on Facebook Live at 8 p.m. PT. Those watching will be able to interact with the show in real time. So that means even though the event is sold out, any hip-hop fan can still join in on the fun. Fans will be able to ask questions and possibly get the city's best MCs to spit some suggested words in a freestyle.

Four more shows will take place following the Where You At? L.A. show on July 13. Fans can look forward to July 27, Aug. 17, Sept. 7 and the final show on Sept. 28, dubbed Bars for Days, will feature Murs, 38, attempting to break the record for longest freestyle, which currently stands at just over 24 hours.

Murs attempting to break a freestyle record is a remarkable feat. The rapper, who dropped his ninth studio album, Have a Nice Life, in 2015, has been spitting lyrics for almost 20 years. With fans having the ability to chime in with topics during the freestyle, the experience should be one of hip-hop's shining moments in 2016.

Use the hashtag #WYALA to join the conversation. Follow Boost Mobile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at Boost.Mobile to stay in the loop with Where You At? L.A.

Check out the next live event on Wed., Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. PT by clicking here.

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