With all of the negative reviews of the Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me, it seemed like the total box office earnings over the opening weekend were going to be a bust. It didn't surpass Straight Outta Compton its opening night but still managed to bring in $27 million for its first weekend in national theaters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While the movie was estimated to make between $17 million and $22 million, it surpassed those expectations with $27.1 million. The breakdown of the audience demographics included 52% African-American, 22% Caucasians, 19% Hispanics and 7% Asians/Others. All Eyez on Me follows Cars 3 and Wonder Woman this past weekend, which made $53.5 million and $40.8 million, respectively.

For a comparison, two years ago, Straight Outta Compton raked in more than $60 million its opening weekend.

While 50 Cent and Jada Pinkett Smith had different reasons for their dissatisfaction with the film, The Game is a strong supporter of the film and sent a strong "FUCK YOU" to "ANYBODY with a negative review of this film or anything bad to say about PAC."

In a recent interview, actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. told XXL about his rigorous preparation for the role as well as the relationship between his father and Tupac. As part of his training, his acting coach had him "reading the books Tupac read, learning Shakespeare because Tupac did Shakespeare, research on the Black Panther Party and learning his interviews."

You can catch that interview in the upcoming Summer 2017 issue.

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