Montana of 300's life has changed drastically since his name started buzzing in the hip-hop world and his video for "Here Now" reflects his ascent and the positive changes he has experienced. Between shots of him mingling with fans in the streets of Austin, Texas during SXSW, the rapper shows intimate moments he shares with his sons, including teaching them how to brush their teeth.

"Promised my girl I’m gonna get us up out of this situation / cut back on sinning and changed the way I was living / so my sons ain’t have to come see they daddy in prison visitation," he raps.

The XXL Freshmen nominee is here to stay and putting his family first.

"Here Now" will appear on Montana's Fire in the Church project, which is due out on May 6. The Chicago native spoke with Noisey about the album and explained the meaning behind the title.

Fire in the Church is basically the bad within the good,” Montana said. “A church is supposed to be holy. That’s what it was built for. And while it’s the church and no one is in there, it’s good. Once the people go into the church, they’re a fire. They come in with their sins and everything like that. They try to be on their best behavior and try to be mindful of what they do. Even while some people are looking at other people in the church and judging them in their head, or leave right after church, and be like, ‘did you see what such and such had on?’ Or ‘did you see how such and such came here with her kids, looking like this?’

"Like, you wanted to say that while you was in the church, but you waited until you got out, as if that really made a difference. And you still thinking it while you in there, so it’s like: No sugar coating, the good within the bad, and it also kind of represents my following and how I built my fanbase, was just word of mouth. If it’s a fire in the church, somebody’s running out of the church saying, ‘it’s a fire in the church!’ People that hear me, is like, you gotta listen to this dude. It’s something urgent in that extreme.”

The 18-track effort features Kevin Gates, Tally of 300, Savage, Jayln Sanders and J Real Check out the tracklist below.

1. "Heat Stroke"
2. "Land of the Dark" Feat. Jalyn Sanders
3. "Wifin' You"
4. "MF's Mad Pt. 2" Feat. Talley of 300
5. "Fighting Demons, Dropping Jewels"
6. "WTS Now"
7. "FGE Cyper Pt. 2" Feat. Talley of 300, Savage, J Real and No Fatigue
8. "Goonies" Feat. Kevin Gates
9. "Don't Trick Off"
10. "Robo Op"
11. "Down Here"
12. "Bad as Hell" Feat. Talley of 300 and Jayln Sanders
13. "No Smoke" Feat. Talley of 300
14. "Daddy Used T0 Be the Plug"
15. "Who I Am" Feat. Talley of 300 and Jalyn Sanders
16. "Angel With an Uzi"
17. "Bang Bang" Feat. J Real, Tally of 300, Savage and No Fatigue
18. "Here Now" Feat. Tabrielle

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