Montana of 300 is ready to unleash his next album. The Chicago native announced a May 20 release date for his upcoming LP, Don't Doubt the God. The skilled lyricist also revealed the cover artwork for the album, which you can see above.

Don't Doubt the God will be Montana's second release of 2017. The MC teamed up with his FGE crew for the No Surrender, No Retreat mixtape back in February.

Montana left a lasting impression with his debut album, Fire in the Churchin 2016, yet he will look to top it on Don't Doubt the God. The "Dirty Dancin" rapper is sure to have penned some incredible rhymes for the LP in a practice he discussed with XXL last year.

"I surprise myself, bro," Montana said of his writing process. "Honestly. I’ll hear a beat and I’ll be like, Man, I don’t know what the hell I’ma say on here. But when I sit down and start digging in my brain, I just come up with some cold ass shit. I go crazy on certain shit. And I don’t dig like that on every song. When I do my remixes, those are made to crush every other remix. That’s my objective, so it’s like I’m doing some crazy digging from all over everywhere. That’s what makes you lyrical — when you can put any off-the-wall thing into your music and have it make sense."

Don't Doubt the God is not available for pre-order at this time, but expect to see it pop up on iTunes later this month.

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