Molly Brazy serves up a video for her ride or die anthem, "Draco." She is, of course, referring to the gun, which seems to be every rapper's favorite weapon these days.

The new WaterWippineVan-directed visual sees Molly kicking back in what looks like a living room as a vintage, polaroid style camera lens colors the entire vid. There are also some trippy, distortion effects thrown in that add a surreal feeling to the visual. It's definitely an interesting sight to behold.

The track itself, which belongs to Molly's Big Brazy project, is a long stream of threats tied together by the Detroit rapper's love of her fave gun. "These bitches be so fucking lost, pink Draco to knock a bitch off/My diamonds they frost, little Brazy dipping in sauce/I am that bitch, I'm a boss," she spits on the song.

The video for "Draco" follows Molly's videos for  "Ion Like You (Remix)," and "Last Minute," and all of them are dope. Shout out to Molly.

With loads of aggression, and raw, street energy, Molly's one of the next D-Town artists to seriously make a name for herself. Speaking with XXL for The Break last fall, the teenage rapper explained some of the comparisons she's received early on in her career.

"I got different type of sounds but at the same time, being from Detroit, we got something about us," Brazy said at the time. "It’s just this sound, you know somebody is from Detroit because they have it. I describe myself as a female Chief Keef mixed with a little bit of [Payroll Giovanni] mixed with a little bit of Future."

Peep Molly's latest visual for yourself below.

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