It appears that now Mistah F.A.B. wants a piece of the battling pie. After seeing mainstream artist, Joe Budden step into the lion's den, Mistah F.A.B. wants to follow suit and go head to head with Arsonal. During his 5 Fingers of Death freestyle with Sway in the Morning, Mistah Fab revealed his desire to battle Arsonal towards the end of his rap.

“I need 30 G’s now if a nigga wanna see me battle young Arsonal,”he said.

According to Battlerap, this isn't the first time he sought after a battle with Arsonal. During an interview with Power105 last year, F.A.B. spoke on wanting to battle Arsonal.

“King Of The Dot, they want me to battle Arsonal,” he said. “Me and Arsonal had a show in Sweden. We sat down, we talked about it. He had said a few things over the Internet like ‘Yo, you don’t want it,’ and I just hit him on some gentleman type stuff like, ‘Dude, let them hype up the battle…’ So I said, if they want me to battle they gotta give me $15,000 and I’ll battle him.”

At Total Slaughter, many fans threw shots at Joe Budden for stepping away from the battle after he  received boos on stage. If F.A.B. is willing to step into the ring, the fans will certainly be ready to throw shots, if he isn't fully prepared.