Well, this situation might be getting a little bit out of hand. Video surfaced a few days ago regarding the scuffle between Mstah F.A.B. and DJ Mustard's crew. While F.A.B. was clearly outnumbered in the fight, he stood tall and held his ground but according to Missinfo, F.A.B. wasn't too happy about the unevenness of the fight.

"7 ni**as get on me & Im still on my feet scrapping by myself and walked out with my dignity and respect I ain’t mad,” Mistah F.A.B. says, according to a missinfo.tv post. "Good ole fist fight and fade now lets move on!!! People and get back to what’s important I knew what I was doing walking into that lions den. F**k guns, f**k jumping ni**as, fuck calling real gangstas who bout dat murder game, TAKE A SIMPLE FADE and move on!!! Laugh & live. We move forward get off where u mad at and live with it!! I walked into a venue 3 deep and addressed my issues and dealt with the outcome. Security what they was pose to do I didn’t have no security or bring hella goons I stood and fought like a MAN! Shit ni**as don’t do no more. I ain’t mad!!! Back to the grind #DOPEERA.

He continued, "What’s funny about the video is watching the Bay Area and Oakland niggas who be acting like we rock together sit and watch that’s hilarious. Kids won’t understand what being a man is about!! A man disrespects you As a Man U go address that at all cost.  At the end of the day it could have been worst for both parties I could have came with a murder squad, his security coulda pop shots. Last thing ima say!! STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE in EVEN IF YOU THE ONLY ONE STANDING!!!!! LETS BE MEN and MOVE ON It’s not a BAY vs LA thang. F**K GUNS TAKE A FADE!!! Be a man and Move on!!!! #DOPEERA Laugh about it later.”

Rumors surfaced that NFL Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, had a piece of the scuffle in efforts to help F.A.B. Mistah F.A.B. debunked those rumors and denied Lynch's involvement. Photos later proved that Lynch indeed didn't have any part in the fight.