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There's good reason why a coveted pair of sneakers are referred to as grails; to the right purchaser, a pair of kicks can be holy. And that's precisely the principle at hand in the new feature film Kicks, which follows a Bay Area teen who turns his luck around with a pair of fresh red and black Jordan 1s. When the shoes are stolen right off his feet though, Brandon, who is played by Jahking Guillory, is prepared to go to some extreme lengths to reclaim them. Watch the trailer above.

Kicks is the first feature film from director Justin Tipping, and hip-hop heads will notice that the van-driving sneaker reseller who hooks Brandon up is played by none other than Mistah F.A.B. himself. "These cost more than your life," he says of the OG sneaks. The film first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and will hit theaters Sept. 9.

In addition to being a sneaker enthusiast, Mistah F.A.B. also follows sports closely, and sat down with XXL's "Ante Up" podcast recently to talk the championship run the Golden State Warriors are currently on and the Hall of Fame potential of Bay Area athletes Jimmy Rollins and Marshawn Lynch. Listen to the conversation below, while just above it, is a collection of rappers who have been spotted putting on for the Warriors, F.A.B. included.

Watch the trailer for Kicks above, with F.A.B.'s Son of a Pimp 2 currently out and poppin'.

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